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About Beauty and Purpose

Proverbs 16:9 (NLT) "We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps."

Founded by mother-daughter duo, Fayetta (Faye) McTaw and La’Trece Bartley, Beauty and Purpose (B&P) is an organization that exists to help women discover their purpose and beauty inside and out, embrace their uniqueness, and walk in the fullness of who Christ created them to be.  


Through our commercial and on-line retail products, conferences, keynotes, workshops, blogs, and more, Beauty and Purpose is committed to equipping women and girls with the skills needed to understand their God-given identity so they may one day change a nation.

                        Esther 4:14, “Who knows if you were made a queen [attained royalty] for such a time as this.”


Beauty and Purpose appeals to every woman: the corporate executive, entrepreneur, athlete, stay-at-home mom, jazzy granny, matured woman, young woman - EVERY woman! The heartbeat of B&P is to propel the Gospel of Jesus Christ to women of all walks of life.

Our Philanthropic Efforts


Beauty and Purpose is an organization that is committed to supporting its community. Causes such as breast cancer, autism, maternal and child health (high-risk pregnancies, infant transplants, and NICU moms) are near and dear to our hearts. We are committed to offering our time, talent, and treasure to support ministries, organizations, and families in need.


Meet The Visionaries



La'Trece Bartley

La’Trece Bartley holds a bachelor’s degree from the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida. She is known to many as "coach".  La'Trece, Health Coach, mentor and speaker, is the CEO/Founder of Purposefully Living, LLC. 


Through all of her success, La’Trece’s greatest accomplishment is the beautiful family that she and her husband are raising. Married to her loving husband, Javier, for 17 years, they thoroughly enjoy being the parents of 3 little angels. La’Trece is a firm believer that your first ministry is your family. The burden to share the gospel is great, but God has given La’Trece and her family the grace to balance family, work, and ministry.


Many of us experience a moment in time that thrusts us fully into the call that God has for us. For La’Trece, this moment came after a rare medical diagnosis, during her third pregnancy, with her daughter Olivia. La’Trece was strongly urged by just about every doctor she spoke with to terminate her pregnancy immediately or she and her daughter would surely die. She vividly remembers the declaration that Olivia would NOT make it to 19 weeks.


With a Word from the Lord, and the support of her husband and family, La’Trece disregarded the advice of 4 medical doctors and decided NOT to terminate her pregnancy. Nothing short of a medical miracle, La’Trece and Olivia baffled everyone who learned of their story. La’Trece knew that her story was not just for her, but God would use her life and Olivia’s life to minister to many while testifying of His goodness and His mercy.


Empowered by her strong faith, and propelled by her commitment to enhance the lives of women and girls around the world, La’Trece founded Purposefully Living, LLC, an organization that bridged her love for God’s Word, FITness, and living out purpose. Its signature program is the "Get F.I.T. Bootcamp", a coaching and transformation program that emphasizes the Focused, Intentional, and Tenacious pursuit of God first and goals second. The Get F.I.T. Bootcamp gives La’Trece a unique opportunity to use the Word of God, to equip women and girls with the skills needed to discover total health and wellness both inside out. 


La'Trece is committed to helping women and girls understand their God-given identity, beauty inside and out, embrace their uniqueness, and walk in the fullness of who Christ created us to be.



Fayetta McTaw

Fayetta McTaw is a wife and mother of three. Fayetta McTaw, known as Faye, is the founder and owner of Styles by Fayetta located in Jacksonville, Florida. Throughout her life, Fayetta has loved being unique in beauty, style and fashion. She is often complimented because of these attributes.


In her younger years, Fayetta experienced many significant tragedies and losses. At the tender age of 13, Fayetta’s youngest sister was hit by a car and killed. Then at the age of 14, Fayetta’s mother passed away. Not long after that, at the age of 17, her dad passed away as well. Through these difficult situations, Faye came to realize that she needed the Lord to help her cope with life; so she gave her life to the Lord at the age of 19.


Faye and her loving husband, of 45 years, Larry McTaw, Sr., have served in ministry for 43 years, 5 years of which they served as Pastors of Whole Armor of God in Jacksonville, FL. She has mentored countless women throughout the years and is known for warring in prayer on behalf of individuals and families with fervor and the anointing.


Fayetta reports clearly hearing from the Lord that she should do something she loves and is passionate about to further the Kingdom of God. God reminded Fayetta about the role that Esther played to change history. Esther’s beauty played a part in saving the Jewish nation! She had beauty and purpose!


Like so many of us, fear and family commitments distracted her. Fayetta set her plans aside to raise her family. But when God plants a seed, He is faithful to see it grow. Unbeknownst to Fayetta, God began to sow the same seeds of beauty and purpose in the heart of Fayetta’s only daughter, La’Trece.


Linked together by blood, faith, and shared experiences of rare medical conditions, suddenly Fayetta’s dream of creating a business, that combines God’s Word with helping women discover their inner beauty, was kicked into high gear. Fayetta is not only excited to do the work of the Lord, but to do it alongside of her daughter and partner in this work.

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